Desktop, Laptop, & Workstation

SBT looks for ways to keep your small business running at optimum efficiency and power. We help you get the most out of your desktop and laptop workstations.

Business-Class Machines. Small businessowners look at things in the long-term. Even if the upfront cost is a little higher than the bargain bin at a mass market retailer, when it comes to desktops, workstations, and laptops for your business, lower cost of ownership and a high Return on Investment (ROI) make a lot more sense. Purchasing equipment that is robust, expandable, and built to outlast the average consumer-based machine helps small businessowners accomplish their goals.

There really is a fundamental difference in technology between a home computer or personal laptop, and products sold through SBT reseller partnerships like the powerful Dell Premium OptiPlex for network environments, or a Lenovo ThinkPad business laptop designed for productivity and reliability.

Business-class computers have many benefits:

  • Longer and wider variety of warranty options
  • A higher level of hardware reliability
  • More configuration options dependent upon what types of applications and software a business will be running
  • A much longer life expectancy since business-class systems provide post-sales support that lasts well beyond manufacturing and production life-cycles
  • Consistency in its components so that no matter the make and model, and no matter where or when it was purchased, you will still be able to find parts and components
  • Expandability and modification for the future so you can modify new hardware, increase memory, video interfaces, drives, etc.
  • Superior quality in construction from the casing to sturdier controls and components
  • Allowance for enhancements to security focused on safeguarding operations and data. Storage encryption, chip-based tracking services, and identity management have grown in popularity with business-class systems, but not on consumer-based systems.