Emergency Backup/Recovery

The tornados of April 2011 were a wake-up call for many small businesses. Not having an emergency back up and recovery plan and system in place can be very costly. As many businesses learned last year, it isn't just about losing the data — it is also about being able to remain open and function under duress.

SBT helps all our clienmts create an effective emergency backup and recovery plan that covers all aspects of your company data backup and recovery.

  • What technologies do you have in place to protect each component of your IP/IT environment?
  • How often are you backing up your data?
  • Is your IP phone system tied to your backup plan?

Most large companies' backup every evening. Some smaller companies only do it periodically. The main purpose of a backup system is to recover key network servers and services and may not act like an archival system for storing offline data for extended periods, and may not recover email either.

A good network emergency backup system cannot only recover data in a natural disaster but it should also be able to provide replacements for corrupted files, hard drive crashes, and accidental deletions.

Today, companies often set up a server out-of-state, or at least away from the main production facility so that if something like a tornado, hurricane, or flood affects one or more of the main offices, the data is recoverable from another source, far from the chaos.

SBT can also help businesses set up a "cold" spare or a "warm" spare — a standby or failover system tied to your IP phone system that can help keep your business operating in the event of phone outages.

The Hard side:

  • USB Flash Drives
  • External Hard Drives
  • Optical media
  • Tape

The Soft side:

  • Archive programs
  • Backup programs
  • File copy/Sync programs
  • Disk imaging programs
  • The Cloud