Equipment Maintenance

Every machine needs maintenance and computers and their connective network are no different. Equipment maintenance prevents equipment breakdowns and massive failures — that is before the failure or breakdown occurs.

Equipment maintenance preserves and enhances the reliability of the equipment and replaces components before they fail. SBT preventative maintenance programs include:

  • Equipment checks
  • Partial or complete overhauls when needed
  • Keeping equipment free of dust and foreign matter
  • Replace and repair worn parts before they fail

SBT makes preventative maintenance (PM) cost effective. A small monthly fee built into a managed services package can prevent having to replace neglected servers, workstations, and laptops. Many of our packages can be customized to include equipment and parts replacement. The long-term benefits and cost savings associated with preventive maintenance saves costs due to lost production time and unscheduled equipment breakdowns. It also results in savings due to an increase in effective system service life.

Letting SBT put in place a good long-term PM program will:

  • Improve system reliability
  • Decrease replacement costs
  • Decrease system downtimes