Hardware/Software Upgrades

Your computer is a lot like a car — it needs periodic maintenance. Like driving while needing an oil change, without software and hardware upgrades, you can face serious security issues as well as make it difficult to upgrade in the future if you fall too far behind.

It's one of the biggest challenges IT providers face because of the ever changing security environment — keeping customer systems up-to-date. Fortunately, for you SBT are experts!

When you become a monthly-managed services customer, part of every package includes a constant monitoring of your network as well as your hardware and software. Behind the scenes, SBT scans your system constantly to keep your hardware and software current, without your worrying about interruption from an update message. Although most updates run in the background, they often slow down operations and force you to reboot your computer at the most inopportune times.

Software Upgrades. They are a nuisance — yet they are essential! To the end-user, software upgrades can have bugs that cause inconvenience, or in some cases, require the intervention of a technician to fix security flaws and incompatibility. On the other hand, software upgrades often contain enhanced features that do make a difference in functionality and keep your computer and the software safer.

You want to let SBT manage these upgrades for you. We track the updates and even test them for bugs before applying them so that if there are documented problems, SBT knows how to handle it. A simple security fix has been known to bring down complex systems if you don't know how to prepare for these bugs and fixes; and getting too far behind in security can open "security holes" where viruses or malicious software can infect your system.

Hardware Upgrades. Budgetary issues are the biggest hindrance to constantly upgrading hardware. SBT will show you how to keep your equipment always under a valid warranty so you will always be the beneficiary of manufacturer replacement parts. Aging equipment and outdated warranties make it difficult to resolve some issues but fortunately, SBT's customized managed services packages provide coverage for all these issues. You can purchase a package that includes equipment replacement for a low, flat monthly fee!