New Business Set-up/Infrastructure

One of the first things a new business has to consider is how to set up a small business computer network. As operating systems, networking technologies, storage capabilities, and networking peripherals have improved, building a flexible IT infrastructure that grows with your expectations is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Helping small businesses open their doors is one of SBT's favorite functions! We love to see you get started on the right track! From the moment you purchase space or lease office space, SBT is there to help you!

  • SBT will design the network or expand an existing network
  • SBT will order, deliver, and install all your network components
  • SBT can help install and determine where all the in-wall and in-ceiling wiring and access boxes should go
  • SBT will integrate all of your components into the network including security systems, backup and recovery, IP phones, even door access
  • SBT will configure your network, computers, email and network accounts, firewalls, security software, etc.
  • SBT will test your system and even train your employees
  • SBT will integrate multi-office data systems
  • SBT will hard wire or install wireless Internet
  • SBT will service and repair all your computers and servers
  • SBT will advise you on business computers, printers, and accessories
  • SBT will set up LAN and WAN networks
  • SBT will help you set up an IP-based telecommunications system