Security Management

The biggest challenge any business faces while operating in a technological world, is security. It is incumbent upon SBT to provide our customers with the best applications available at the time, and to keep them current against ongoing attempts to break through the barriers provided by those measures. Not only does SBT use the best — we stay ahead of the curve!

The security challenges every business face fall into 4 basic categories:

  • Information Security. The level of importance and confidentiality attached to information coming into or being generated by employees of a company on their computer varies, but regardless of the industry type or business size, that data will more likely than not, contain restricted information. As a result, most if not all businesses maintain their information not on individual computers, but on a network that links all the computer-generated information to one outside source. Information security prevents employees from copying marketing tactics, highjacking competitive strategies, or stealing financial information for personal use. Even small companies with a handful of computers should consider securing their business information via a network.
  • Network Security. SBT works with a wide variety of small businesses and has a broad perspective on the needs of network security within small government contracting companies, professionals like attornies and accountants, retailers, and civic entities. Network security procedures and appliances protect company data against in-house data theft, as well as external. The network gives any business the authority to monitor all files created, saved, and edited within the network, and tracks who has access to those files and when. The integrity of the information contained on a retailer's network versus that of a government contractor who is designing a military aircraft depends on the complexity of the security configuration. SBT has the expertise to comply with the standards of the U.S. military and Federal government with its multiple layers of highly complex security, as well as help an online retailer protect the personal data of their customers against credit card and indentity theft. 
  • Computer Security. Computer security involves protecting your individual laptop, desktop, or tablet from viruses, worms, and malicious malware attacks that can cause your computer to run slow or perform unwanted functions that waste data space and affect speed and workflow efficiency.  
  • Internet Security. Most businesses today do a great deal of work on the Web. Identity theft is a significant issue for companies who require secure servers to protect customer data. Many consumers refuse to do business online if they do not feel confident their private data is protected using encryption techniques. SBT understands the importance of stopping third parties from intercepting and viewing vital information such as social security numbers, credit card details, and passwords.