Workflow Efficiency

Business growth is both a blessing and a curse for small businesses. Although every business must grow, every successful business suffers growing pains — that point where you have outgrown the processes that got your where you are, and you need to find new ways to improve productivity and quality.

SBT has worked with a lot of different types of small to medium-sized businesses from legal and accounting firms, to retail outlets, engineering companies, and civic offices. We are familiar with a lot of the options in software designed to improve efficiency and communications between employees and clients, manage workflow, and even find innovative ways to automate processes.

When companies are busy, they start feeling the pressure. Here are some workflow efficiency scenarios to help you decide whether you need SBT to help you minimize waste and streamline operations:

  • Are you still physically filing and archiving data, perhaps even hiring a person to do it for you?
  • Are you overwhelmed with customer service enquiries, some which need qualifying or may be answerable using an automated system?
  • Do you panic when an employee is out sick or on vacation?
  • Do you have organizational problems?
  • Do you have document management issues?
  • Are you having compliance issues?
  • Is there no consistency in departmental procedures, filing, approvals, follow-up, etc.?

SBT can help you build workflow efficiencies into your existing IT infrastructure, and advise you on software packages, services, and time management.