VoIP Phone Services

Voice Over Internet Protocol, better known as VOIP, is a phone service that runs through your computer system rather than via an external phone line. With a quality Internet connection, small businesses can get phone service using your Internet connection, rather than from your local phone company and VOIP is significantly lower in costs than traditional phone companies are.

istock 000002764021xsmallEssentially, VoIP takes an analog audio signal and converts it into digital data that is then sent over the Internet. Businesses save money because they are bypassing the phone company and placing free phone calls!

SBT will help convert your existing digital or analog phone system into a VoIP infrastructure using Allworx IP phones. IP phones look like regular phones but replace the old RJ-11 phone connectors with RJ-45 Ethernet connectors connected directly to your router. By acquiring the proper IP software and hardware equipment, SBT can start saving you money on IP calls and videoconferencing today!

SBT can also help you set up computer-to-computer telephone calling using Skype and a variety of free and inexpensive videophone software.